10 Best Yacht Rental in Cancun Perfect for Private Parties

Cancun is the heart and soul of the Mexican Caribbean. Every year thousands of visitors flock to the city to enjoy the white sandy beaches and clear waters. You cannot say you’ve been to Mexico until you’ve experienced all that Cancun has to offer. Going yachting in Cancun is the best way to explore the sea in luxury and style. After all, if you’re setting sail, you may as well look glamorous while doing it. And that’s where a great yacht rental Cancun can help you get the best ride in town.

There are not many holiday spots around the world that offer as many fun activities and attractions as Cancun does. There are many stunning beaches, small islands, vibrant nightlife and amazing food. Besides that, you won’t get bored fishing and diving in the Caribbean Sea. So how do you get your hands on excellent yacht rentals Cancun for your trip? Keep reading this guide to find the best ones in the city.

Best Yacht Rentals Cancun

Riviera Charters

Rivera Charters is one of the best Cancun yacht rentals you can use to embark on a luxurious and memorable charter. Their rental services are unmatched and remain a crowd favourite thanks to their experienced local crew who are ready to take you on an adventure.

Moreover, they offer yacht rental services for both morning and afternoon charters. This is a huge advantage since you won’t have much trouble filling up your itinerary for the day. 

In addition, you’ll be happy to know that they maintain their luxury yacht rentals Cancun with high quality and hygiene standards. Besides Cancun, Rivera Charters also provides rentals for Tulum, Riviera Maya, Isla Mujeres and more. You can also check out their limousine charters, aeroplane tours and helicopter tours too.

CancunBoats T&T Yacht Charters

CancunBoats T&T Yacht Charters

CancunBoats T&T is undoubtedly one of the finest luxury yacht rentals Cancun in town. They are famous for showing up with the best personalised service for every client that comes looking for a yacht to charter. Plus there’s no room for hesitation as they only represent full-service yachts not just in Cancun, but in Riviera Maya too.

Moreover, the prices are very competitive and there are special deals for different boats every month. So you can still have the time of your life on the Caribbean Sea without going over your budget.

CancunBoats T&T is the best place to go since they have such a wide variety of charters available. You will definitely find the perfect one no matter how big or small your requirements are. Besides that, if you’ve got some special events lined up, they will work their magic and make it work for you.



When you look up Discover Yacht Cancun, you’ll find only glowing reviews from clients raving about how fun their rentals are. You should definitely check out this private yacht rental in Cancun for some amazing rides and even better prices. 

Each charter comes with tons of amenities and an experienced crew. They work hard to ensure that you have the most memorable trip in the Caribbean waters. You can either book the charter all for yourself for 2, 4 or 6 hours. This gives you plenty of time to cruise around the sea and snorkel too. 

Even if you just pick the 2-hour charter, you still get to go to Cancun Bay. And we can’t decide what’s more amazing, the bay or the journey.

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Now, this is one yacht rental Cancun that you don’t want to miss out on. Their rental services are excellent and can accommodate all your loved ones, no matter how big or small your group is. Cancun Yacht Rentals is also perfect for all kinds of celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries.

Moreover, each rental features the best luxury amenities, classy design and high performance. You can cruise leisurely around Cancun and Isla Mujeres accompanied by a professional crew in their luxury charters. It is also a great opportunity to explore the best areas for snorkelling, diving and fishing.

So treat yourself to a glamorous private yacht rental Cancun to get the jet lag and boring hotel rooms out of your system.

Maya Sea Yacht Rentals

Maya Sea Yacht Rentals

If you’re looking for yacht rentals Cancun that offer personalised services to satisfy every client, you should head to Maya Sea. They are incredibly popular with both locals and tourists, providing a memorable adventure that promises snorkelling, chilling etc.

In addition, their tours start from 4 hours and you can extend the trip for as long as you like. Plus Maya Sea also customises the perfect charter for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor parties and more. This private yacht rental Cancun provides only charters in top condition for maximum comfort.

Cancun Yachts Club Luxury Boat Rentals

Cancun Yachts Club Luxury Boat Rentals

Cancun Yachts Club is one of the best luxury yacht rentals Cancun that you should check out. Whether you want a chill trip, a party or a business outing, they have the best charter yacht for you to choose from. Moreover, the prices are amazing and unlike anything you’ll find in other rentals.

Their charters are also perfect for super fun activities like snorkelling, swimming, diving and fishing. In addition, Cancun Yachts Club offers fishing boats, express cruisers, mega yachts and more. It is a one-stop destination for visitors who want to explore the best of the city and the sea.

As you set sail with a professional crew, you will get to experience amazing food, rich local culture and an amazing view. 

Nautica Cancun Yacht Rentals

Nautica Cancun Yacht Rentals

Nautica not only provides yacht charters but also a whole new way to experience the beautiful city of Cancun. As you take a cruise on their luxury ride, you can admire the clear Caribbean water and Cancun for the sea. Nautica is a yacht rental Cancun that accommodates birthday and bachelor party celebrations too.

And you’ll never get bored while you’re on board since there are so many fun things to try out. For starters, you can go snorkelling or diving to explore the gorgeous marine life underwater. Besides that, the crew also works to grill up some of the best dishes you’ll eat at Cancun.

In addition, Nautica does not take its rental services lightly. They ensure that all their yachts follow the highest standards of hygiene, safety and aesthetics.

Cancun Yacht Rentals

Cancun Yacht Rentals

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a holiday in Cancun with style. And there’s no better way to spell luxury than a first-class yacht rental Cancun. For a very affordable price, you can sail around the stunning Bay Area and catch a glimpse of the sunset too.

Whether you’re alone or you’re bringing friends, this private yacht rental Cancun has the perfect charter for you. They offer a wide range of economy and luxury mega yachts, fishing yachts and boats to choose from. So you can rent one that meets all your requirements but is still within the budget. And we can’t forget about the open bar either.

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Luxury Yacht Charter Cancun Yates

Luxury Yacht Charter Cancun Yates

Luxury Yacht Charter Cancun Yates is so much more than your regular yacht rentals Cancun. In fact, they are also the best place to rent catamarans, sailboats, fishing boats and charter crafts from. The best thing is that they also send transportation to pick you up from your hotel and drop you at their marina.

Moreover, you will also get an experienced crew, catered food and a guide to the amazing culture of Cancun. Renting a yacht here is a great way to catch a glimpse of the white sharks, dolphins, sea turtles and other residents of the Caribbean Sea.

The captain will drive you by the Yucatan Peninsula’s northeast coast where there are white sandy beaches, rich Mayan history and beautiful marine life.

Yachts & Boats Cancun Rentals

Yachts & Boats Cancun Rentals

To create unforgettable memories, head over to Yacht & Boats Cancun Rentals for one of their luxury charter yachts. They offer a huge selection of rides for you to choose from. Moreover, the prices are amazing so you can have the time of your life without spending too much money.

Each charter comes with tons of great amenities such as a well-stocked kitchen, TV, snorkel equipment and beverages. You will also be accompanied by an expert crew that is ready to show you a good time on the yacht.

All of their yachts are extremely well-maintained and follow strict safety and hygiene standards. No matter where you pose, all the pictures are sure to be Insta-worthy.


When in Cancun, you can take a stroll on the beautiful beaches, explore the vibrant nightlife and sample some amazing food on land. But why do what everyone else does when you can try something new and adventurous?

Getting a charter from a great yacht rental in Cancun is the best way to enjoy the city from a new perspective. Your only job is to laze on the deck, admire the view and make some unfortunate memories. So if you’re planning to drop by the city, don’t hesitate to rent a yacht and set sail for an exciting day in the Caribbean Sea.