10 Most Elegant Yacht Rental in Croatia for Best Partying (2023)

Croatia has become a hotspot for tourists as it has grown in popularity. It is one of the best vacation destinations for various reasons. Tourists and locals all love going to the scenic beaches of Croatia. Going sailing has also become a popular activity for the past few years. This makes it a popular option for yachters who are looking for yacht rental in Croatia. 

Croatia has a lot of cities and islands that are perfect for your sailing trip. It is the dream destination for anyone who is looking for a great place to set sail. By choosing a yacht rental in Croatia, you will get the chance to see the country in all of its true glory. 

Because of the popularity, there are a lot of different yacht rentals available which may make it confusing to choose. You need to consider the yachts they have available, price range, etc. If you want to pick your yacht rental in Croatia, we have made the process easier for you. We have hand-picked the

Best Yacht Rentals in Croatia 

Argola Charter 

Argola Charter 

Argola charter has an extensive selection of yachts and speedboats available for your use in Croatia. They are a great choice for private and group yacht trips. You can do anything you want with their help, be it having a vacation, going fishing, etc. They offer a “Stay&Sail” package that includes villas, residences, and flats in addition to their boats at discounted rates. 

When it comes to your vacation, they do everything to ensure that your time with them goes without a hitch. You can sail anywhere you want on your own. However, if you don’t know how to or just don’t want to sail yourself, you can hire a crew to do it for you. You can also get skipper training from them to become a competent captain!

Angelina Yacht Charter – SCT Marina Trogir 

Angelina Yacht Charter - SCT Marina Trogir 

Angelina Yacht Charter is known to be unique and different from its competition because of their incomparable sailing charters. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Chartering a sailing yacht means that you get to go wherever you want and whenever you want. It also allows you to be more eco-friendly because you will be using wind, which is one of the most efficient renewable energy sources. 

They have an impressive fleet of sailing boats available to help you get a luxurious and comfortable vacation. Their boats have endless high-end features and provide you with an unparalleled sense of freedom every time you are out on the sea. Some of the features available include custom-designed interiors, entertainment systems, ample seating, onboard swimming platforms, etc. They are one of the best luxury yacht rentals Croatia has.

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SunLife Charter – Croatia 

SunLife Charter - Croatia 

Sunlife rentals have made it easier for you to choose them by being the best private yacht rental Croatia has. For a thrilling and genuine sailing experience, you can charter anything you want from them. They have everything from a sailboat with and without a crew, and a motor yacht to a luxury catamaran, SunLife started as a family-run business built by Igor and his wife and their innate affinity for water. They have made it a mission to prioritize quality over quantity. 

If you are an experienced sailor who wants to explore without any restrictions, you can rent out their bareboat charters. You will need a valid sailing license and a VHF certificate to do so. You can also choose to have a crewed charter to completely unwind during your vacation.

Fair Wind 

Fair Wind 

The main goal behind their business is to make sure that you will always cherish your sailing vacation in Croatia. They have based the success of their business on the happiness and satisfaction of their customers. This makes them one of the most customer-centered yacht rental Croatia has.  

You can get a boat for a self-guided cruise. Here, you will set the entire sailing plan yourself. However, they suggest that the best way you can enjoy your vacation is by hiring a local captain. You will get to take advantage of their knowledge about the area while also learning how to sail from them.

Catamaran Charter Croatia 

Catamaran Charter Croatia 

Catamaran Charter Croatia is one of the most dependable yacht rentals Croatia has. They only pick the finest yachts with the most talented staff. They will offer you the best yachts no matter how long or short your trip is. Their vessels depart from 4 locations, Dubrovnik, Kornati, Split, and Zadar. 

They also offer well-maintained and fresh multihulls. You can get a weekly rental with or without a captain. After you book a charter from them, you will receive the individualized attention of a dedicated team member. They work closely with you to handle every single detail of your trip, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. Their technical staff also handles the upkeep and maintenance of all of their yachts and other vessels.

NCP Charter (NCP&mare) 

NCP Charter (NCP&mare) 

NCP Charter stands out from their competition because they also offer last-minute yacht charter packages in addition to giving a 30% discount. This also makes them one of the most affordable yacht rentals Croatia has. You can get anything from crewed luxury yachts to sailing yachts from them. Their vast collection consists of over 80 available sailboats. 

They offer two options either going bareboat or having a captain on board with you. To start your vacation in Croatia, all you have to do is book your boat charter by choosing the boat of your choice along with the departure date and vacation duration. Keep in mind that their discounts are time-sensitive, so keep checking on all of the available discounts.

Adriatic Yacht Charter 

Adriatic Yacht Charter - yacht rental Croatia

Adriatic Yacht Charter was founded in 1999 to help give sailors a place where they could relax and feel like a family. They are known as one of the main charter firms in Croatia. This means that they are one of the most yacht rentals in Croatia. They have over 60 sailing yachts that are spread across 4 different locations. These locations are Medulin, Dubrovnik, Kastela, and Pula. 

Some of the catamaran boats that they have include Bavaria, Hanse, Jeanneau, Lagoon, Dufour, etc. They also provide their customers with high-quality services and boat preparation in addition to regular maintenance. Their yacht management services include everything you can think of. For example, it includes the initial purchase to the time you are using it.

Croatia Yacht

Yacht Rental Croatia - yacht rental Croatia

They are one of the best premier and luxury yacht rentals Croatia has. You can consult with their knowledgeable destination managers to learn more about their sailing routes and the charter boats they have available. They will help you find the finest sailing trip that will fit your budget. You can just pick whatever vessel you want and set sail for the trip of your dreams. 

They were established in 2010 to help you connect with other individuals to get the best boat for your needs. Their community marketplace has more than 4000 sailboats, yachts, catamarans, etc. This makes them the best option for any enthusiast looking to have fun on the coast of Croatia.

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Europe Yachts Charter 

Europe Yachts Charter - yacht rental Croatia

Europe Yachts Charter has charter fleets available in Croatia, France, and Greece. The most popular destinations are Dubrovnik, St. Tropez, Athens, Nice, Monaco, Split, Cannes, etc. They have an option available bareboat available in addition to a crewed yacht rental. It’s suggested that you plan your trip days to get the most out of your trip. 

They want to help you make memories that will last a lifetime. To do this, they offer trips for as short as a day. You can get the opportunity to see the gorgeous views Croatia has even if you only have a day. They regularly update their boat fleets and their list of destinations. This makes them probably the most convenient yacht rental Croatia has. 

Sailing holidays in Croatia – Anchor & Wine 

Sailing holidays in Croatia - Anchor & Wine - yacht rental Croatia

A group of Croatians founded Anchor & Wine to help travelers get an unforgettable trip at an affordable price. This was made possible by combining their local knowledge with their connections to get amazing boats to help you get the tailor-made vacation of your dreams. Their trips focus on island hopping while exploring the region’s cuisine and wine. 

They only allow a maximum of 10 passengers on board to help you get a more private and customized experience. There will be a skilled captain and hostess on board to tend to your every need. You just need to provide them with the details of your trip and they will map out the best route possible. 


Now is your time to plan the best trip to Croatia. You can rent out a yacht or any other vessel you want from any of the above 10 best yacht rentals Croatia has. All of these businesses are centered around wanting to make your trip as amazing as possible. Whether you want a private yacht, a party yacht rental, or a luxury yacht, Croatia will have an option for you!