15 Best & Top-Rated Yacht Rental in Dubai (2022)

Dubai is one of the best places to go on a vacation or just have a lot of fun. Oen of the major attractions of Dubai is the amazing marina. Many travelers decide to roam around the marina in yachts. A yacht allows you to travel in luxury and style. The luxurious life of traveling in a yacht matches with the luxurious life which Dubai has to offer. Many of these luxury yacht rental Dubai companies provide you with packages that cover all of the things you might need. You can rent yachts for parties, corporate events or just to relax in the marina.

Not all of the people here have yachts to their name and thus you can rely on the numerous Dubai yacht rental services to provide you access to those luxuries. You can choose among the hundreds of Dubai yacht rental companies out there to have a pleasant experience on the ocean.

Here is the list of the 15 best Yacht Rentals in Dubai in 2022.

Xtreme Yacht

Xtreme Yacht - yacht rental in dubaiyacht rental in dubai Xtreme Yacht ranks among the top yacht rental Dubai companies. This company is well known among the locals as well as travelers from across the world. Many people think that Xtreme Yachts are the first name that comes to their mind when asked about good companies for Dubai yacht rental.

This company understands the business of yacht rentals very well. They cover all aspects of the business to ensure their customers have the best experience in Dubai. They have a fleet of some of the most luxurious yachts. Their team takes a lot of things into consideration before they purchase a yacht.

You can be assured that all of the yachts they have are excellent at the purpose they are meant to serve. They have yachts starting from 50 feet and going as big as 155 feet. They will be able to provide you with an ideal yacht for any situation that you have. 

Their team works hard to ensure that their entire fleet has all of the necessities which you expect from a professional company. Their fleet has over 20 yachts. The large fleet ensures that a yacht is available even at a short notice. They have a collection of yachts and superyachts for you to choose from.

Xtreme Yacht have ensured that they provide all of the amenities you need aboard these yachts. They have swimming and sunbathing decks, barbeque girls, amazing music systems, and more for you to enjoy your time out at the sea.

By contacting them you can even ask for a DJ to be provided for the duration of your rental. Be it a personal or a corporate trip they have the tools you need to make it a success. They are a luxury yacht rental Dubai company that provides you with packages on an hourly basis.

Nanje Yachts

Nanje Yachts - yacht rental in dubai Nanje Yachts are one of the most experienced companies in this business. They have been serving a variety of clients for many years and have gained considerable knowledge about this industry. Nanje Yachts were established in 2015 and since then have established themselves as one of the top yacht rental Dubai marina companies.

They are one of the top-rated Dubai yacht rental companies on Trip Advisor. The company successfully manages to use their experience to get you some of the best packages you have seen. They ensure that their packages cover the entire population who want to book yachts.

They have many packages which are curated for different audiences. The company claims that they can provide you with any kind of boat or yacht rental which you want in Dubai. They have kept their prices affordable while ensuring you have a top-notch experience on their yachts.

They have packages for birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, and more. This is what makes them the best in the yacht rental Dubai business. Their dedication towards providing excellent services has been noticed by the government of Dubai which has awarded them with an excellence certificate. The company is operational for business 365 days a year.

All of their yachts are owned by them and go maintenance checks regularly. This helps them to provide you with a seamless experience while out at sea. They are eager to help you choose the best yacht according to your needs. They have a chatbox on their website which assists you in this regard.

Their team consists of knowledgeable individuals who can give you the correct guidance in this regard. You should keep them in consideration as they are one of the top yacht rental Abu Dhabi companies with one of the largest fleets.

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Charter Click

Charter Click - yacht rental in dubai Charter click is one of the most professional companies you will find in the yacht rental Dubai business. The company is pretty unique when we compare it to the other companies in the same business.

The company is comprised of a team of individuals who have come together to make yacht rental Dubai a much easier experience for all of their clients.

They understand that the majority of the population is heavily reliant on their phones and want to complete all of their tasks through it. Also, they have created a  yacht booking service that allows you to book yachts with just a few clicks.

They have a young team that is hard at work trying to revolutionize the luxury yacht rental Dubai business. At Charter Click, they have simplified the process. 

They have managed to allow their clients to do their booking without having to make any calls or having to wait for hours.

They have an updated database that gives you all of the specifications which you need about the yacht you want to book.

You get exactly what you see on their website. You can make all the customizations you want through their website as well. Charter click pay only the price that is shown on the screen. There are no hidden costs. You can simply select the yacht you want without having to haggle with an agent about the price.

Charter click is one of the upcoming names in the yacht rental Dubai marina business. They have made the entire process much more streamlined.

Their services are commendable and have caught the eye of the younger generation who do not want to go through the cumbersome process of booking a yacht.

Luxury Sea Boats

Luxury Sea Boats - yacht rental in dubai There are many things that clients consider before they book their yachts. If you are looking for a reliable Dubai yacht rental company, Luxury Sea Boats might be the one for you. This is one of the oldest companies which was established in 2008. They are a name that is easily recognizable in this business.

Providing you with good yachts is just a small part of their business. They ensure that you have a great trip as well. When you use them as your preferred yacht rental Abu Dhabi company, they provide you with all of the things you need for a successful trip. 

Their team is expert at helping you find locations according to your purpose. They will be able to find the perfect spot you need for renting the yacht. From finding perfect leisure spots to cruising routes, all can be done with the help of their team.

Their fleet of yachts has completed all inspections before they are listed up for rent. You can rely on this company to provide you with a pleasurable experience. 

Royal Blue Coast

Royal Blue CoastRoyal Blue Coast is a yacht rental Dubai company that takes luxury to the next level. They want their clients to have the best facilities they can provide. They have a fleet that surpasses all of the industrial benchmarks. You will get yachts that are state of the art and are fitted with all of the latest amenities.

Their experienced crew is excellent at finding the best routes for traveling around the marina. You can expect a pleasant trip with them showing you around the best parts of Dubai or finding an isolated stretch of sea to relax. They have a keen eye for the safety of all of their customers as well.

They only employ captains who have the required credentials to be handling the yachts. All of their crew is given safety training to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip while renting their yacht. They strive to deliver the utmost luxury and comfort to all of their clients and become the best luxury yacht rental Dubai company.

Xclusive Yachts

Xclusive Yachts - yacht rental in dubai Xclusive yachts offer you an unforgettable experience on their yachts. They make it their point to ensure you have the time of your lives on their yachts. They are an award-winning yacht rental Abu Dhabi company.

Having secured one of the best fleets in Dubai they have focused on ensuring top-notch hospitality. When it is possible for them they try to offer free upgrades to their clients as well.

When you rent a yacht you get a well-trained crew to run it. They have great hospitality training which will ensure you and your guests have a great experience on the yacht.

Master Yachts Cruises

Master Yachts CruisesMaster Yacht cruises have some of the most customizable packages which you will see in the industry. They cater to their wide clientele with a self-owned and managed fleet. As they have diverse clientele they have numerous packages which help to cover the needs of all of their clients.

When you pay their rates, you pay for the entire experience. They are one of the few yacht rental Dubai companies which can arrange for security, hostess, photographer, limo services, and more with minimum delay. They go above and beyond to provide you with a package that truly fits your needs. This makes them one of the top yacht rental Dubai marina companies.

Seven Yachts

Seven YachtsSeven Yachts have a core team of professionals who run the business. They are very particular about the crew they employ. Seven Yachts know that the actions of the crew go a long way in deciding how pleasurable the experience is.

They have a multilingual crew who have over 20 years of experience. This hugely experiences crew enables you to have the best experience possible by a Dubai yacht rental company.

They carefully curate all of the different elements of your package to ensure you do not have an opportunity to complain. They promise an experience of a lifetime and you should try out this Dubai yacht rental company.

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Royal Star Yachts

Royal Star YachtsIf you are looking for a variety of yachts at different price points, Riyal Star yachts are the best company for you. The company has listed all of the yachts they own on their website along with the specifications. You can choose the one which you feel will be ideal for you.

They can curate the ultimate experience for you when you let them know what your expectations are. This luxury yacht rental Dubai company caters to your needs at any time during the day.

They are great if you need yachts at a short notice. Overall they are one of the best yacht rental Dubai marina companies you could ask for. They get all of the basics right and offer some amazing prices.

Aquarius Yacht

Aquarius Yacht - yacht rental in dubai Aquarius yachts are one of the names that surface when we talk about Dubai yacht rental companies. Among all of the companies out there, no one pays as much attention to detail as the team at Aquarius.

They want to ensure that all the elements of your trip are perfect. They care about all of their guests. No matter which package or yacht you choose, they will treat you like a VIP.

They have managed to lower their prices as well. They offer cost-effective plans which let you have an amazing time out in the ocean while not breaking your bank

Royal Yachts

Royal Yachtsv - yacht rental in dubai Royal yachts is a luxury yacht rental Dubai company that has taken great strides. It started as a yacht brokerage company but now is one of the leading rental companies.

They have shifted their focus to providing curated packages for their clients. Their packages include everything that you will need to have a luxurious experience. From getting you picked up at the hotel, to having the best time on the yacht, all of it is covered in their packages.

They not only provide charter services but are a platform to buy and sell yachts as well. They are deeply immersed in the yacht industry and find the best offers for their clients.

Boat Trip Dubai

Boat Trip Dubai - yacht rental in dubai This luxury yacht rental Dubai company has a fleet of high-performance yachts. Their beautiful yachts along with a professional crew make them a top choice among travelers in Dubai.

They claim to be the top rates Dubai yacht rental company. From parties to corporate meetings, they can deliver all of these on the yacht you choose. They are among the best yacht rental Dubai company.

Think One Yacht

Think One Yacht - yacht rental in dubai Unlike the other Dubai yacht rental companies, Think One Yacht have their specialization in this industry. While you can rent yachts for all occasions, they are great at throwing parties on yachts.

Their name is know as the first company you should contact if you want a party on a yacht. They have a professional team that knows how to throw the best parties. If you are choosing them for a party out on the sea, you will not be disappointed.

Cozmo Yachts

Cozmo Yachts - yacht rental in dubai Cozmo Yachts is another choice that you can rely on when looking for yacht rental Dubai companies. As a company, they have been one of the most reliable. They hardly have yachts that break down.

Throughout time they have been able to meet the extensive range of demands that their clients throw at them. They have been hailed as one of the customer-friendly yacht rental Dubai marina companies.

Gold’s Yachts

Gold’s Yachts have a fleet consisting of 50 well-maintained yachts. These yachts promise to provide you with a superb experience out in the ocean. They assign you to your manager who helps you through the entire process of selecting and then chartering a yacht.

They have smaller yachts to 200 feet long superyachts. You will be spoilt for choices when choosing this Dubai yacht rental company.


All of these yacht rental Dubai companies have experience under their belt. They have used this experience to make amazing experiences possible for their clients.

A yacht is the best way to roam around the marina and these companies make your dreams true. These companies not only have amazing yachts but also have great crews onboard. These companies have their packages and you should check which one suits your preferences and requirements.