15 Best Yacht Rentals in Fort Lauderdale for Memorable Parties

You’re not alone if you’ve ever desired to own a yacht. Because they offer a mansion-like experience on the open seas. These luxurious boats are frequently regarded as the height of opulence. A yacht may basically function as a home away from home if it comes with amenities. Amenities like numerous bedrooms, gourmet kitchens, on-deck swimming pools, and helicopter landing pads. Despite the enjoyment that comes with having a boat, few individuals have the money needed to buy one entirely. But thanks to yacht rental Fort Lauderdale. You may enjoy the richest life without spending millions of dollars on a big boat.

Any holiday that involves being on the water might benefit greatly from a yacht hire. The elegance of a five-star resort and the adventure of a boat voyage is one wonderful experience by yacht rental Fort Lauderdale. By essentially turning a boat into a floating hotel that can take you anywhere you want to go. Vacationers have access to a completely new type of getaway. We have broken down places to rent a yacht Fort Lauderdale which will provide you with the luxury you want.

Yacht Rentals in Fort Lauderdale


Anchor - yacht rental fort Lauderdale

Licensed captains and yacht owners who love the water want to share their passion with you through the community of Anchor. When you rent an Anchor yacht Fort Lauderdale, a professional Charter Expert is there to you to help plan your luxurious yachting vacation. Their staff of highly skilled Charter Experts handles all customer interactions, payments, coordination, and documentation. In comparison to the “other guys,” Anchor’s platform offers far more. 

Boat owners who use Anchor to charter their yacht or boat make 30% more than they would on another platform. Additionally, their Partnerships Team now links your ad to more than ten booking websites to keep your calendar full. At the moment, they lead the sector in conversion rates.

Nautical Yacht Charters

Nautical Yacht Charters

They promise a worry-free time on the water where you can rely on all of your requirements being addressed, like always having fresh towels and bottled drink on board as well as offering ice. In order for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the water, they work hard to provide exceptional service in luxury.

You can get in touch with them if you have any inquiries regarding their yacht rental Fort Lauderdale prices. Although giving a crew member a tip is optional, it is usual for a charterer who has appreciated the courteous and attentive service of a helpful crew to do so.

Rent a boat

Rent a boat - yacht rental fort Lauderdale

Rent a Boat It is a locally owned and run company in Fort Lauderdale. On the Dania Cut, they are close to Griffen and I-95. They hire their boats to their customers directly; they are not a booking service. Rent a boat own their own boats and dock slips, which enables them to maintain prices that are cheaper than those of their rivals.

Daily maintenance and cleaning is done with the utmost expertise on their vessels. Since he was a young boy, the owner, Captain Marky Jay, has been a devoted admirer of the water and boats. The day is full with water-related activities for Captain Marky Jay, including yachting, house cruise, and exploring state parks and local hotspots.

Yolo Boat Rentals

Yolo Boat Rentals

A leader in the luxury yachts rental Fort Lauderdale, Yolo is there to give you enthralling experiences that you won’t soon forget. Yolo specializes in the greatest luxury boats. Every time you select our firm, they give you thrilling, pure enjoyment during your sailing adventure.

Their yacht service is for you whether you want to get away from the stress and issues you deal with on a daily basis at work. Each of their clients receives a refined and opulent yachting experience from them. You always deserve to acquire the perfect boat, according to Yolo and only the finest service imaginable.

Coastal Yacht Tours

Coastal Yacht Tours - yacht rental fort Lauderdale

You’re invited to take a trip with Coastal Yacht Tours through Fort Lauderdale’s picturesque canals. Onboard their Marquis 690 motor yacht, take in the sights. Take a champagne cruise, unwind, and enjoy your time on board with up to 12 people, or arrange an itinerary and catering menu according to your preferences.

All of their private boat rentals will provide you breathtaking vistas and lifelong experiences. You are cordially invited to board for a party yacht rental Fort Lauderdale charter on the New River and the Intra-Coastal Waterway by the captain and crew. As your captain skilfully guides the boat through the quiet, safe waters, sip champagne or your preferred beverage.

Lauderdale Yacht Charters

Lauderdale Yacht Charters

Both hearts and heads are beating more quickly. The 4260’s elegant aesthetics and luxurious features also quickly convey a lifestyle. Her amazing beauty, the superbly made Cherrywood interior, and the astonishing Ocean Trac performance have garnered plaudits internationally and inspired a horde of domestic imitators.

The 4260 achieves best in class and tangibly surpasses the standards of the most modern yachts in the world, but is incomparable in all aspects of design and completeness. In order to get you around these incredible waterways and show you all yacht rental Fort Lauderdale has to offer, Lauderdale Yacht Charters’ first concern is getting you there.

Luxe Charters

Luxe Charters - yacht rental fort Lauderdale

For their VIP clients, they firmly believe in going above and beyond. All personalised and treated with the same care and expert attention to detail, whether they are family vacations, romantic getaways, corporate events, or just a night on the water.

Their luxury yacht rentals are incomparable. Reward yourself and your loved ones with a memorable voyage on one of their luxurious yachts. You will be on a private, luxurious charter by Luxe Charters out of stunning Fort Lauderdale. Their Fort Lauderdale yacht charter is carefully planned so that each experience leaves their cherished guests happy.

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Paradise Yachts Charters

Paradise Yachts Charters

They are a prestigious, exclusive, upmarket yacht charter company that provides a full range of private yachting services as well as supplementary ones to picky customers who need the highest level of personalized, expert assistance. Paradise Yacht Charters have a top-notch crew that is accessible around the clock to assist you in finding the ideal luxury boat and in organizing the dream vacation aboard an exotic yacht rental fort Lauderdale. 

They may assist you in locating a tranquil, secluded beach similar to those you might encounter when sailing a private boat in the Bahamas, where you can unwind and truly get away from it all. If you would rather vacation aboard a boat in the center of the activity in cities like Fort Lauderdale. Contact them for more information on renting a luxury yacht rental Fort Lauderdale.

Charter Lux

Charter Lux - yacht rental fort Lauderdale

The top yacht rental and charter company in Fort Lauderdale is CharterLux. Since they have the widest range of yachts, you may be sure to choose the ideal vessel for your desired experience. Yacht rental Fort Lauderdale to Bahamas is among the most sought-after services they offer.

It’s one of the most opulent methods for getting from South Florida to the Bahamas in luxury. Here at CharterLux, they aim to help you design the perfect experience. Whether you’re seeking to rent a boat for a Fort Lauderdale yacht party or a family vacation, they take the time to get to know you, your requirements, and your wants so they can help you design your ideal hideaway.



Boatsetter provides a simple, secure, and accessible method to engage in on-the-water fun as the industry pioneer in peer-to-peer boat renting. Finding a boat is simple because to the 600+ places where boat rentals are available, and it’s not necessary to be a seasoned boater because you can access the biggest network of USCG-licensed captains. For your peace of mind when on the water, choosing the correct boat rental platform is crucial.

Because of this, they have gone above and above to put a special emphasis on safety through their association with GEICO Marine and BoatUS. You are safeguarded during all rentals with insurance coverage and on-water assistance provided by TowBoatUS, the first and only marketplace for boat rentals to offer insurance on every peer-to-peer rental.

Flamingo Yacht Charters

Flamingo Yacht Charters

Your chance to live on a boat without all of the hassles is now possible thanks to their fleet of reasonably priced yacht rental Fort Lauderdale. They maintain their fleet to the highest standards and keep it in good condition.

Embark aboard one of their available boats for charter and spend the day taking in the local sites, dining on the water, engaging in exhilarating maritime adventures, or just drifting about. They ensure that their yachts are prepared to handle a wide range of needs before offering them for rent. You have complete control over how your day on the water is structured.

Fort Lauderdale Yacht Rentals

Fort Lauderdale Yacht Rentals - yacht rental fort Lauderdale

The best selection of luxury yachts for parties are available at Fort Lauderdale Yacht Rentals. Charter a Luxury Private Yacht to the Sanbar, Intracoastal, Ocean, or Tour Millionaire’s Row Las Olas. Visit the SandBar for the Day or go on an Intracoastal boat at sunset. You may organize your ideal boat adventure with the assistance of their event experts.

They provide crewed excursions from Harbordale to the Florida Keys, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean. To guide your group to the greatest locations in South Florida, they have some of the top captains in the yacht rental fort Lauderdale industry.

FTL Charter Yachts

FTL Charter Yachts

For business gatherings, birthday parties, wedding cruises, or any nautical celebration, a South Florida yacht cruise is ideal. Consider a pparty yacht rental Fort lauderdale with exquisite food and breathtaking scenery.

With a private boat charter, you will have a personal staff to take care of all of your needs. Fort Lauderdale is the location of their luxury yacht charter business.

Anticipation Luxury Yacht Charters

Anticipation Luxury Yacht Charters - yacht rental fort Lauderdale

For your upcoming special occasion or celebration, they extend an invitation to sail the exquisitely blue seas of South Florida aboard a luxury charter boat. You will discover that their organization offers the best in lodgings and services to make your occasion joyful and unforgettable if you are seeking to rent a luxury yacht charter.

The largest capacity luxury charter vessels in South Florida, their yacht charters can accommodate up to 600 persons. In Fort Lauderdale and South Florida, they are the top boat charter provider.

Chantou Yachts

Chantou Yachts

Fort Lauderdale experiences a perpetual summer. There is no better place to soak up the sun than on their yacht, sailing the beach, whether you are a snowbird from up north or simply taking a business break.

Invite the people you want to have a lasting memory of, including your friends and family. Make a reservation, and on the water, create the memories that will last a lifetime. While at anchor or while cruising, each stateroom has a layout with one head and sliding double doors for total privacy.


Although yacht rental in Fort Lauderdale might be expensive, there are ways to cut costs. Charter services may provide discounts in the same way that hotels do, Especially for out-of-season, longer-than-usual, shorter-than-usual, or excursions.

That is in for last-minute cancellations. Be cautious to inquire while weighing your selections because discounts could or might not be mentioned.