15 Best and Top-Rated Yacht Rentals in Miami (2022)

When traveling to the beautiful parts of Miami, you know that water is everywhere. From pristine beaches to various tributaries, this part asks you to bring a boat! There is no doubt that a Miami yacht can bring endless fun to you, your friends, and your family. Yacht rental Miami rides are fun and can become a memorable trip for all who enjoy them.

Miami is a great destination to enjoy yacht rides. Visit Miami and take part in an unforgettable ride. However,  the privilege of owning a boat has a long list of work to be done like maintenance and knowledge that can only be gained through years of experience.

There are yacht rental services that provide you with a huge fleet of yachts that you can rent on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. Whether you’re dealing with your employees on a company picnic on the water or want to impress a special woman in your life, they’re here to make all your boat dreams come true.

Here is the list of the 15 Best yacht rentals in Miami 2022.

Boat Me

Boat Me - yacht rental Miami

Yacht rental Miami provides you with the ultimate sports yacht with the sophisticated elegance you always wanted. Like a private hideaway on the water, it offers vast outdoor spaces, and an unrivaled audiovisual system, perfect for entertaining family and friends.

The yacht’s semi-displaced hull and shallow draft, built in the United States by the revered Delta Shipyard, allow it to move quickly to explore places inaccessible to others. This yacht’s intricately detailed interior design evokes an adventurous attitude of 24 knots, conveying its sense of leisure and relaxation.

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SALT Luxury Miami

SALT Luxury Miami - yacht rental Miami

This renowned yacht rental Miami service offers a spacious interior in a sophisticated atmosphere with a state-of-the-art design. The lounge is located in front of the ship and features a luxurious sofa, a large coffee table, and a bar, perfect for private parties and entertainment.

Behind the ship is a salon that serves formal meals to eight guests around a custom-designed round wooden table that surrounds cabin-style seats. Riding on Never Say Never, the Master State Room is in front of the ship and takes advantage of the views available on the charter.

Island Queen Cruises

Island Queen Cruises - yacht rental Miami

This Yacht rental Miami tries to provide you with yachts that feature the original shape of the conventional yacht. The yacht also has a larger galley and slimmer design. Its new bathing platform is elongated and provides easy access designed for yachts. In addition, some stairs extend automatically. The interior has also been renewed.

The luxurious and bright yacht layout provides comfort and has a smart design. The provided yacht is equipped with two Cummins Zeus pods with built-in flaps. This gives the yacht a lot of power and range. The cruising speed is about 20 knots.

Nicholson Yacht Charter and Services

Nicholson Yacht Charter and Services - yacht rental Miami

Not only does Luxury Services have a coveted fleet of high-end yachts, but these rental services differ from its competitors and they give you yachts that have perfectly trained staff. Whether it’s a few hours meeting in Biscayne Bay where you just want to focus on your business, or a weekend vacation to Key or Bimini that you can take with your family and a few friends, their professionally trained staff provides everything.

Miami is a city that goes against customs. Break conventions and introduce yourself in a whole new way when you work to make your business as successful as possible. Enjoy everything these yachts offer for hours, a full day, or a full week. Contact them to book your next excursion to the pristine waters of Miami.

Starlux Yachts

Starlux Yachts - yacht rental Miami

This service provides a yacht yacht rental in Miami for you and your guests with ample space to enjoy the Florida sun at sea. Whether you’re heading offshore to catch the world’s largest fish or taking your friends on a dinner cruise, these luxury yacht charters will never miss anything from the shore.

There are many outdoor seats just below the flybridge on these works of art. There you can have a cocktail and have lunch on one of the best luxury yachts in the fleet. If you choose to include a dedicated chef in your adventure, savor a five-star meal with fresh local seafood, you can easily do so.

The galley provides ample space to relax and unwind after an exciting day in Miami’s open water. There you can enjoy a good book or watch a movie before retiring to your private cabin for the night. Your private quarter has a bathroom with plenty of space to prepare for the next big adventure the next day.



It feels better than going out to the open water of your luxury yacht. They provide the perfect ship to experience everything Miami offers. When the wind blows on your hair, you can enjoy everything on this majestic ship offered.

From the spacious swimming platform at the stern of the boat to the ample seating just below the flybridge, you don’t have to go far to find a place to relax and sunbathe. Once under the deck,  the abundance and comfort of seats are unstoppable.

Spend the night in one of the spacious cabins or relax and watch a movie in the spacious galley. These luxury charter yachts are a great way to experience what a luxurious and decadent life at sea looks like. Enjoy a privately prepared meal on board and enjoy the work of art by the chef. Specializing in fresh local seafood, you will always be full.



Even in an exciting city like Miami,  after a while, everything becomes the same every day. If you’re on vacation in Miami and want to do something completely different, hire this yacht rental service from these rental providers. They provide yachts for a whole new way to see Miami Beach.

Considered one of the best sightseeing boats of its size, the Eagle Yacht 90 is the perfect boat for cruising  Biscayne Bay for hours or touring Bimini and the Bahamas for days. And best of all,  you don’t even have to take your finger off when needed.

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Ocean Force Adventures

Ocean Force Adventures

There is plenty of space to relax and enjoy the modern entertainment facilities offered by this ship. Not only can you enjoy everything on the pristine waters of Miami, but you can also take your adventure to the shore with an off-road buggy in your garage! Whether it’s on land or underwater, it’s packed with adventure every minute, so don’t miss anything.

Miami Tours And Water Adventures

Miami Tours And Water Adventures

If you are looking for style and luxury with your next luxury charter rent, this service has everything you need. The ships themselves seem to have a first look at the first time. If you have to rescue yourself from the Florida sun for a few minutes, there are spacious swimming platforms in the yachts.

There are even higher facilities waiting for you and further, it has an arrangement of seats for all your guests. Inside, you will notice that the interior is of utmost luxury and is extraordinarily decorated. Lounge to one of the sofas in the cross-section and pay attention to this spacious area. From there you can hike one cabin to explore your bed.

Capt Nick’s Miami Charters

Capt Nick's Miami Charters

The award-winning Warren Yacht is truly eye-catching whether you’re cruising  Miami Bay or  Manhattan. Its 5.5-inch draft gives it the versatility to enter her farthest cove. Her 27 knots cruising speed gets there quickly, allowing it to explore multiple destinations a day. Where to get it? Avail of these Yacht rentals in Miami to enjoy a ride from Miami.

Then it can stop at Bimini Beach, 2.5 Palm Beach, and 6 Key West within two hours to enjoy lunch and snorkeling along the way. This is the best way to explore the entire Exuma chain within a week. At crew accommodation for 3 people, you can rent it for luxury, service, as a sporty sailboat.

Kustom Charters

Once you’ve seen it all, board their luxury charter yacht. The ship is so big that it’s easy to get lost on board. When you first see this elegant work of art, you will find that there is plenty of space above the deck for sunbathing and entertainment.

The bow of the yachts has a seating area where you can blow the wind into your hair, and the lounge area next to the flybridge makes you feel like you’re driving yourself. Boarding this luxury yacht will make you feel at home.

The main kitchen has plenty of space to spread out on one of the sofas and interact with other guests. There is also a dining area for 8 people, where you can enjoy a 5-star meal prepared by a private chef. When you’re ready to end the night, unwind in a  cabin with a spacious private bathroom.

Venetian Lady Yacht Charters

There is a reason they call it “The ArtoftheTitle”. You must be willing and able to make extra efforts to get your potential customers to choose you over your contemporary. Fortunately, if your business takes you to Miami, there are rental services for yachts that can help you look like your superstar.

These yacht rental Miami services have been internationally recognized as a leader in Miami for providing the ultimate luxury charter yacht rentals and have once again raised the bar with the introduction of a  new fleet of yachts. Designed for the most discerning yacht tastes, owners around the world, these boats represent the pinnacle of high-end amenities and provide the perfect platform to entertain clients.


You won’t experience luxury and style until you ride the Italian engineering yacht masterpieces provided by this service. This luxury yacht sets the standard for elegance and ultimate comfort. The spacious and beautifully designed interior will take your breath away when you tour the ship. Featuring three guest cabins, three bathrooms, and a dedicated crew cabin, this yacht provides ample space for everyone to enjoy their privacy while sailing in the open ocean of Miami.

The split-level deck provides the perfect space to enjoy while sunbathing or just relaxing. The yacht’s list of modern equipment for passengers includes multiple seating areas above and below the deck, as well as a salon and entertainment center for guest rooms.

Few other yacht rivals may envy the perfect elegance and style that this ship brings to the sight. Whether entertaining colleagues, friends, or family, this is the perfect yacht to board for a few days away from the land and surrounded by the brilliance of open water.

Bay Ridge

The elegance and beauty of a charter yacht cannot be expressed in words. As you step into this magnificent piece of Italian art, decadence surrounds you everywhere. Its elegant appearance invites you to board the ship and experience what true luxury is.

The first thing you’ll notice when riding this yacht is the large shaded deck. There is also a comfortable dining area with external speakers connected to the ship’s audio system. Hire them to enjoy these. Enjoy your favorite music while dining outdoors in the open waters of Miami.

The stairs invite you over the flybridge to the glass entrance of the main saloon. With a helm station and a table that can comfortably seat up to eight people on the flybridge, this luxury yacht charter is ideal for long-term voyages. If you need to stay away from the sun, there is also a retractable bimini.

Key West & Bahamas Yacht Rentals

These yacht rentals provide you with a luxury charter yacht perfect for cruising the beautiful open waters of  Miami.  Not only does it spare no expense for the luxury and style of this ship, but one can also enjoy spacious accommodation with many modern amenities.

The full-beam main salon is equipped with state-of-the-art entertainment equipment to help you relax after a busy day at sea. There is sufficient room for all visitors to relax on the yacht.

Its separate dining room is ideal for entertaining, and its large forward galley makes it easy to host a luxury dinner cruise or take advantage of its chef. Each of the three cabins has a private bathroom to provide privacy to all guests. There are plenty of seats on the deck, enough space to dine outdoors.


These above-mentioned services are proud to offer the ultimate luxury experience in everything you can imagine, from high-end yachts and luxury yachts. Their commitment to their service is excellent and works with you to ensure that what you are looking for is not only met, but exceeded.

If you are a licensed captain and you know what you want to do, they make sure the boat is properly equipped and maintained and send you your way. They take care of all of it. However, if you want to completely relax and enjoy your time, or if you want to keep your clients entertained and undisturbed, then look for the best-trained crew members across Miami. You have been too busy doing what everyone else is doing, so don’t miss the opportunity in your life.