10 Best Yacht Rentals in NYC For Splendid Memories (2023)

If you are searching for the best among the rest yacht rental NYC, then you are lucky as you are on the perfect website. How cool will it be when the wind kisses your cheeks and brushes your hair as you sail past the city skyline and have a scenic setting on the sun deck? It’s a dreamy image. Indeed, boating in New York City is a dreamy and memorable experience, but it may not be the only thought which comes to the locals’ or travelers’ minds when it comes to NYC.

But yacht rental NYC is a lifetime experience, and if you want to experience it, then you must be out when the sun rises. Moreover, there are tons of rentals that present you with incredible yacht rentals and sailboats. You can book anyone and party in the waters. Otherwise, you might relax with your family or buddies with an unforgettable panorama of the skyline during sunset. You may also throw a business event in one of the yacht rentals in NYC.

You will definitely face an underwhelming job of finding the correct yacht rental, which is not easy. But we have made your tiring task easy. In this blog post, we have listed the 10 best yacht rentals NYC.

Empire Cruises 292

Empire Cruises 292

How cool will it be if you celebrate your birthday on a NYC private yacht rental? Moreover, school proms on NYC private yacht rental will be dreamy and unforgettable. And how about a corporate party hosted on a yacht rental NYC? It will be memorable and unique.

From birthday party packages to corporate events and prom cruise packages, Empire Cruises presents you with the best experience possible on their yacht rentals. With their number of rentals, you might pick the yacht rental which suits the occasion, size, and accommodation. Plus, Empire Cruise is also delighted to host even public events, in case you need one. So why wait for later, just book a spot now with Empire Cruises!

Big Apple Charters 46

Big Apple Charters 46

If you want to choose the best luxury yacht rentals nyc, then you must consider looking at Big Apple Charters. It is ideal for full-day trips, celebrations, client events, proposals, and much more. Plan all your special events with Big Apple Charters to make the event a memorable one!

They even arrange catering services, custom signs, photography, and others. Moreover, their Manhattan Mermaid is an open-air yacht that you may rent to have fun. If you want to cruise in the beautiful waters and have some drinks with friends then, this 2 to 3 hours cruise is the perfect venue for you. Furthermore, their yacht rental is beautifully designed and accommodates nearly 12 people in a stye. How cool!

Manhattan Yacht Charters

Manhattan Yacht Charters

Manhattan Yacht Charters is not only the best luxury yacht rentals nyc, but also in California, Long Island, Florida, New Jersey, Connecticut, and elsewhere. With 2 to 1200 people, Manhattan Yacht Charters offers a unique sailing experience. You might host a stylish photo shoot or host a corporate event here. However, you may also bring your friends for a casino night.

Many people rent Manhattan Yacht Charters for weddings, proms, corporate events, graduation parties, birthday parties, anniversary parties, school or family reunions, baby showers, weddings, confirmation, bar or bat mitzvahs, corporate employee parties, and more. They also set up decorations and offer you ready-to-serve champagne, wines, gifts, and more.

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SailawayNY 39

SailawayNY 39

You may cruise with 35 of your friends in yacht rentals ranging from nearly 30- 60 feet. You may be a traveler or a resident, but you must check out this beautiful Sailaway yacht rental which covers many of the tourist attractions. However, they charge you by the hour. So let the caption of Sailaway lead the cruise in a smooth manner.

Taking a break from another tiring day at work and gifting yourself a trip in one of the luxury yacht rentals nyc is what you need right now. Indeed Sailaway charters give you an exclusive tour experience as you sail in one of the amazing charters in NYC. You will gaze and wonder at the beautiful city skyline and that is the perfect panorama that you get in NYC. With Sailaway, you will have incredible sailing memory!

Go Sailing NYC 32

Go Sailing NYC 32

If you want to experience sailing an intimate adventure in private luxury, then Go Sailing must be your choice. Moreover, they give you a customizable sailing itinerary with stunning vistas and the extraordinary magnificence of the city. This is undoubtedly one of the luxury yacht rentals NYC with luxurious amenities, catering services, and professional beverage facilities.

Treat yourself and your loved ones to the best yacht rental NYC filled with 5-star delights like a luxury deck, a table for six, a sun lounge, a lavatory, and others. Witness nature’s light display in the form of an NYC sunset or cruise through the magical evening of NYC. If you throw a private party here, then your guests will definitely remember as it will be a one-of-a-kind party!

Boat Rentals NYC 29

Boat Rentals NYC 29

This yacht rental NYC is not another yacht but it gives you a unique sailing experience on the Hudson. Moreover, Boat Rentals presents 46′ yachts that cover nearly 12 guests. Plus, it comes with amazing amenities like napkins, bottled water with ice if needed, utensils, plates, and clean luxury towels at your service.

You may bring in your own food and drinks if you wish to. But they do not allow red wine. Furthermore, their cabins and coolers have loads of storage space. Plus, they present your full-day or half-day, or sunset trips around the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, NYC Harbor, Brooklyn Bridge, and other places relying on the package you choose.

Freedom Luxury 23

Freedom Luxury 23 - yacht rental nyc

In case you want a yacht rental nyc to personalize your experience, then choose Freedom Luxury. However, you may pick from their luxurious, discrete, private, fully equipped yacht rentals nyc to spend time with your friends or family. Indeed they offer a curated pick of the finest yacht rentals nyc.

You may check out their unique vintage and historic yachts or the latest high-tech ones. Furthermore, all their yacht rentals are safe, well maintained, well appointed, and luxurious to stay experience. In short, whatever you dream of they will set up. From private dinners under the city lights to a big weekend getaway with friends. Anything is possible with Freedom Luxury yacht rentals!

Prestige Yacht Charters 12

Prestige Yacht Charters 12 - yacht rental nyc

In the NYC area, Prestige Yacht Charters can cover from 2 to 1200 guests. They have nearly 30 yacht rentals to pick from. Moreover, they are well-versed in conducting corporate events, dinners, and weddings, with entertainment and music, decoration, video, photography, and much more. Just imagining partying in a private yacht rental nyc, sounds fun, right?

Indeed these yacht rentals nyc will present you with gourmet cuisine and stunning panoramas as you sail. In private yacht rental nyc, you have your own staff to serve your needs. So booking a spot in a nyc private yacht rental will definitely give you an unmatched experience in NYC. As you cruise, you will also notice stunning attractions like the Statue of Liberty, New York City Skyline, and Brooklyn Bridge. How captivating!

Yachts For All Seasons 15

Yachts For All Seasons 15 - yacht rental nyc

Are you planning a once-in-a-lifetime yachting event? Then Yachts For All Seasons has yacht rentals of all sizes and shapes to suit your party needs. However, they will accommodate nearly 1200 guests and present you with different menu choices for almost all the events you plan for. Just think about having a brunch buffet as you look at the skyline vistas or a wedding buffer or a cold casual lunch or a cocktail party. Yes, they serve for all seasons.

Whatever might be the occasion, in the end, both you and your guest will be astonished and happy with how well the event went. Furthermore, they even assist you to choose a yacht rental based on your needs, charter schedule, rental budget, and available date. So you may easily proceed accordingly. This is a customizable NYC cruise like none other!

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Metro Yacht Charters 6

Metro Yacht Charters 6 - yacht rental nyc

If you want private and secluded yacht rentals nyc to cover up to 5000 passengers then, Metro Yacht Charter is there to take care of your needs as they come in all sizes. They host your birthday party, wedding, holiday celebration, or business meeting. Furthermore, if you need DJs, floral arrangements, wines, karaoke, live bands, or photography, they can take care of that too.

If you need a private yacht rental in NYC or luxury yacht rentals nyc, then Metro Yacht Charters is the only site to look for. As they present a wide range of selections including upscale private dinner boats, luxury motor yachts, NYC sailboats, classic yacht charters, and others. Have fun cruising!


Well, we hope you got to know which are the 10 best yacht rentals in NYC. Indeed visiting NYC to throw a one-of-a-kind party that too in yacht rentals is a dream thing to do. However, private yacht rental nyc will set an intimate party to impress the guest onboard. 

Try any of the above-mentioned party yacht rental nyc charters for an ideal staycation with your loved one or friends. Otherwise, you may book a spot to celebrate a milestone in your relationship or in life. Furthermore, these yacht rentals nyc are the perfect spot to tie the knot with your loved one in case you are looking for something luxurious and private. Hosting any kind of party in a yacht rental nyc will undoubtedly turn out memorable both for you and your guests. If you have any doubts regarding these yacht rentals nyc, make sure to leave a comment.