15 Best & Luxurious Yacht Rentals in San Diego (2023)

San Diego is recognized for its flawless and ultimate weather and 70 miles of immaculate seaside. Thus it is good for yacht rental in San Diego Also, it has an implausible selection of top-notch family attractions. The celebrated and distinguished San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park are a couple of the city’s well-known fascinations.

San Diego’s ethnic, sociological, discerning, and culinary industries are flourishing. In the 6,400 restaurants in the zone, award-winning cuisine is prepared by the modern, fresh, hottest culinary artists. Here’s a list of the best yachts to stay in San Diego.

Best Yacht Rentals in San Diego:

Mai Tai Yacht Charters

Mai Tai Yacht Charters

This yacht is for splendid and opulent celebrations. On the stunning San Diego Bay and at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Make a homeland with Mai Tai Yacht Charters International. Their aspiration is to surpass your expectations and provide you with the best sailing acquaintance imaginable.

Let them know if you have any particular demands. They are pleased to accommodate your necessities. Mai Tai Yacht Charters International has an extensive and spacious selection of fantastic sailing and power vessels. Up to 600 riders and commuters can be accommodated, as well as individuals, couples, and small groups.

Your charter is specifically constructed to contribute with the experience you yearn for. They cater to all kinds of exciting events. This includes business events, media appearances, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and alcohol cruises.

Seaforth Boat Rentals and Jet Ski Rentals

Seaforth Boat Rentals and Jet Ski Rentals

The power yachts forwarded by Seaforth Yacht Charters are the archetypal for yachting in San Diego. Seaforth Yacht Charters has the quintessentials choices. Whether you want to scout the coast or unwind in the bay. Also if you want to deploy your yacht as a base for water activities and beach time.

For shared instants of pleasure and amusement, the interior is stunningly vivid and even more affluent and prosperous. They provide an interior that is unmatch in brightness. And the prodigious windows in the helm station add even more repose for those remarkable shared moments on board.

There is an L-shaped saloon in the cockpit. As well as relaxed and stretched out seat backs and armrests with cup holders. The seatbacks pivot to authorize the sitting to be customized to each individual’s inclination both inside and out. This yacht has a side gate that unlatches, a recessed side deck, and a tonne of repository capacity. A head with a shower and a marine WC are located in the main cabin, which has massive windows.

Zolna Yachts

Zolna Yachts

In San Diego, California, Zolna Yachts offers exclusive, significant and private yacht charters. For your next private boat hire, Zolna Yachts offers an extensive range of irrational choices. A group of up to 49 persons may be accommodated by Zolna Yachts.

Thus,making it acceptable and convenient for any occasion or celebration you can imagine. By going above and beyond expectations to captivate their customers. They solicit to alter how tourists view yacht chartering. Get in touch with them to prearrange a private yacht charter in San Diego, and let’s go sailing!

Gone Sailing

Gone Sailing

Venture into a Gone Sailing Tours San Diego Sunset Sail Tour to countersign a genuine California sunset! A sailing excursion with Gone Sailing certifies an exceptional and tranquil evening out on the water. This makes it exemplary for an amorous date night. A private marriage proposal, or a small celebration.

The most magnificent venue to go on a once-in-a-lifetime whale viewing cruise in San Diego, California, is Gone Sailing Charters! Their tours permit groups of up to 6 people to board an opulent sailing yacht for a 4-hour excursion.

Triton Charters

Triton Charters

Of all the San Diego catamaran alternatives and selections, the Triton has the most passengers. They are validated and endorsed by the Coast Guard to carry up to 100 passengers. Their adorable and enchanting San Diego yacht rental is equipped to handle private charters. Such as for friends, families, couples, or your most beneficial clients.

For you to diagram the ideal afternoon sail or multi-day sail, their catamarans provide options. Although they have ravishing and winsome boats. It’s really their staff that sets them apart. They take dignity and honor in their customer service. They also work hard to provide amiable captains and staff to make sure that your charter is relaxing and stress-free.

Champagne Yacht Events

Champagne Yacht Events

An idiosyncratic and exclusive charter experience. With private corporate events and unique occasions are their area of competence and aptitude. It also has a private setting, and personalized probabilities and potentialities.

Relish a ride through San Diego private yacht Bay. The Champagne is ultimate and utopian for many events. Such as business gatherings, team-building exercises, birthday parties, nuptial receptions and anniversaries. It’s also suitable for family get-togethers, graduation celebrations, proposals, and celebrations of life or marine burials.

Alana Yacht Rental

Alana Yacht Rental

Make the acquaintance of The Alana, the newest catamaran in San Diego! Alana is a 45-passenger, 40-foot custom Coral Island Yacht Rental that obeys with coast guard decree. A perfect and quite stocked bar with a liquor license offers your preferred boat cocktails for sale.

  • For supreme and utmost comfort, two decks.
  • 2 contemporary bathrooms below deck
  • A forward sundeck with lots of clearance for standing and sitting.
  • Contemporary entertainment and protection technologies.
  • They have a master skipper and two to three crew members.

Aolani Catamaran Sailing

Aolani Catamaran Sailing

Grandeur and extravagant boat rentals have never been more congenial! Lease or acquire the all-comprehensive, all-encompassing San Diego Private Yacht of your preference! There is no superior way to have a party for any occasion, from business gatherings to wildlife viewing.

On all power catamaran boat tours, the Captain and Crew are include in tours. Due to these, you can ultimately and irrevocably loosen up in San Diego’s greatest yacht rental. Allow them to do the proposition so that you can sail their 58-foot catamaran through San Diego’s top spots. Enjoy the sunshine and the scenery from the ravishing outside balcony. Or from their opulent inside salon with breathtaking 360-degree views.

Chere Amie Yacht Charters

Chere Amie Yacht Charters

The Chere Amie offers an array of maintenance and numerous amenities. They are pleased to state that they are equipped with some of the foremost and unsurpassed prices in San Diego for yacht rentals. Almost any event may be accommodated on this 90 foot, 140 passenger yacht!

With walk-through spaces on both sides and lots of expanse in the front and back. This yacht offers a 360-degree panorama. Their bar locality and the captain’s control station are located on the main deck of the boat. Just anticipate any sort of occasion or bash and their event atrium will clutch or seize ANYTHING! This atrium is located on the top deck of the Chere Amie.

Osprey Yacht Charters

Osprey Yacht Charters

The Osprey, a 62′ Striker, can be hired for 6 pax or 12 pax as a bareboat rental. The quintessential and archetypal option for all of your charter requirements. She is a well-equipped yacht and a successful sport fisher.

Her famous aluminium hull and 21-foot beam assist for a remarkably effortless and uninterrupted ride in any sea state. They can fly the Osprey to an environment or setting of your choosing thanks to its 2,400 gal fuel capacity.

Regarding the calibre of your venue, don’t skimp! Once on board the yacht, your friends, clients, and coworkers will be astounded by the numerous indoor and outdoor slouches. The yacht also offers granite hospitality with teak wood accents, and stunning San Diego views.

San Diego Yacht and Boat Rental Company

San Diego Yacht and Boat Rental Company - yacht rental San Diego

The San Diego Yacht & Boat Rental Company offers the most convivial and delightful boat experience! Take a classy excursion or expedition of the San Diego Bay or travel right to “Party Cove”. Here you may party all day long while listening to your chosen and preferred music and dancing.

They provide staggering experiences to coordinate your mood. No matter what your speed may be. You may adore the very best in leading and supreme settings and accommodations when you hire a boat. They have you incorporated whether you want to reserve one of their well-liked trips.

You should most undoubtedly or unquestionably take the boat out on the water with your comrades for amusement. Decide where, and they will steer the transportation. You may linger on board the Silverton 46ft for roughly the same charge as a hotel room. And from here you can truly see San Diego as it should be on the sea. They contribute a wide scope of extra services, including private cruises on San Diego bay.

Samara Yacht Rental San Diego

Samara Yacht Rental San Diego - yacht rental San Diego

Samara Yacht Rentals is much additional than just a supplier of high-quality yachting gear. They propose cautiously designed bustles available to help you make the most of your day. From sunset cruises to island getaways. Simply board the conveyance, unwind, and be psych up for an unforgettable experience.

With every charter they align or schedule. Samara Yacht Rentals is conducive to the cleanup of the world’s oceans, shorelines, and waterways. They anticipate rising recognition of the risks of plastic pollution. And lessen its impact on the oceans we love by helping the oceans and water-bodies.


GetMyBoat - yacht rental San Diego

You presumably envision a gigantic, colossal, opulent yacht fit for the top one percent of society. Additionally, complete with sundecks, swimming pools, and space for an immense or enormous gathering of people. And certainly, there are ultra-luxury vessels of that caliber.

There are countless or copious more feasible sorts and types of yachts vacant. Which you may not be acquainted with. One of them may be ideal for your upcoming holiday, celebration, or simply a day on the water. Here are a handful that you can locate on GetMyBoat and in the oceans of the world.

Yacht Rentals San Diego

Yacht Rentals San Diego - yacht rental San Diego

For any celebration, whether a birthday party or business affair or gathering. Yacht Rentals San Diego offers ritualized yacht charters. You can opt from a diversification of rentals from their extensive and massive inventory encompassing yachts, fishing boats, catamarans etc. Come along as they deposit sail on a marvelous sailing trip! Even modestly sized yachts can hold a lot of people. And even the numbers are bigger than your typical or ordinary powerboat hire.

You may split the cost into a very affordable per-person rate. Consider that you find a nice-looking yacht that will cost you $1,200 USD for a three-hour rental. It also states that you have an average yacht rental group size of 8 individuals. The price per person for an afternoon of luxury boating comes to about $150 USD! Additionally, many yachts can hold a lot more guests than 8, which lowers the price even further.

OnBoat Inc.

OnBoat Inc. - yacht rental San Diego

Discover the Oceanside coastline with our most inexpensive boat charter package, just 30 minutes from San Diego. A 36-foot yacht and a kind, educated local captain are include in the fee. From Oceanside harbor, rent this sailboat with a comfortable size. You will be able to experience the splendor of Oceanside Marina which is hundreds of miles of shining coastline from Dana Point.

You’ll also discover all the way to La Jolla, Catalina Island, San Clement Island, etc. during this 2-hour private charter cruise. Warm ocean breezes will surround you. You’ll be able to engage with the wildlife to become a part of nature. The beachfront of Oceanside is frequently got visit by dolphins and sea lions.


The most austere preference to make when planning a trip to San Diego is choosing what to do and see. Because this city is among the region’s gigantic and diversified. Everyone can contemplate a genuinely far-fetched vacation in San Diego County. The city and everything nearby are staggering and astounding.

This essay already told you all about San Diego yacht rentals ! However, San Diego is without a doubt worth visiting due to the certainty that it is home to the busiest border. This city also has assorted amazing parks, and an abundance of dining options.