15 Best & Deluxe Yacht Rentals in Singapore (2023)

An exclusive boat rental for you and your guests is what is meant by chartering a yacht. To rent the boat out in its entirety for a predetermined period of time, you must pay the owner. A crew typically include luxury boat rentals. All charters regard as trips, whether you’re searching for a day excursion, a weeklong holiday, or a sunset cruise. Crews are present on every yacht rental Singapore.

Whenever the yacht travels, the crew follows along. Of course, if you wish to bring along a special staff member, such as a babysitter, masseuse, personal trainer, security guard, personal assistant, etc., they can remain with you and will do so in one of the guest rooms. A luxury yacht rental Singapore price will at the very least include a host and a skipper. According to the boat’s policies and availability, you can charter for a shorter or longer time period than the standard week-long yacht rental. You may experience luxury on the ocean by renting a yacht for your upcoming holiday, which might be a wonderful way to make it extra memorable.

Yacht Rentals in Singapore

Tarara Yacht

Tarara Yacht - Yacht Rental Singapore

Over 400 voyages have been made by Tarara Yacht as of this writing. You may be confident that they will do all in their power to maximise your enjoyment. Each rides results in priceless memories for them. swimming, kayaking, and relaxing close to the crystal-clear seas, in addition to tanning on the overnight yacht rental Singapore.

The elegance and distinctive style of the boat make it ideal for hosting any activity or occasion. In addition to the captain and crew, it can accommodate up to 10 guests. Additionally, there are other packages available, including fishing rods and bait.

Yacht Bookings

Yacht Bookings

Singapore has created a name for itself not just with its on-land infrastructure but also with its cutting-edge marinas. It is most renowned for its cultural variety, colonial heritage, world-class shopping, diverse cuisines, the F1 Grand Prix, and the beaches of Sentosa Island. They strongly advise holding your event aboard a motor or sailing cheapest yacht rental Singapore if you’re seeking for the perfect and most distinctive setting.

Events held on boats frequently have a far greater impact than just booking a different hotel conference space. For innovative team development exercises including sailboats, private parties, or corporate entertainment, they provide a wide variety of boats and activities.

Wanderlust Adventures

Wanderlust Adventures - Yacht Rental Singapore

The team at Wanderlust Adventures, which is made up of seasoned fishermen, divers, and boaters, takes satisfaction in bringing its customers to life-changing adventures. You may throw your worries ashore and live in the moment for a wonderful day of discovery and wonder thanks to their expert knowledge of the seas, which they use to build and deliver personalised boat packages.

To spread their love of the ocean through fashionable nautical journeys, from day visits to extended voyages. They take delight in teaching their visitors how to enjoy being at sea, care for their treasured oceans, and fish sustainably.

Anyone can and should take advantage of the freedom that comes with being at sea with yacht rental Singapore. They have you covered whether you are an experienced sailor or a first-time shipboard passenger. Call them right now to learn how to have your very own adventure at sea or come on one of their yacht rentals.

Zenith Yacht Charters

Zenith Yacht Charters

There are many benefits to joining us on their professionally created programmes and trips, from seeing new places to helping deserving charities. Assuring your safety while on board the boat throughout your charter will be the skipper and at least one crew member. Except if you expressly requested a self-driving charter when you booked your reservation.

Their expert and artistic décor staff can design a special birthday, anniversary, or proposal setup according to your specifications or preferences. You will normally only have 30-45 minutes to set up before the yacht rental Singapore departs, so keep that in mind if you want to do it yourself.

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Singapore Yacht Charter

Singapore Yacht Charter - Yacht Rental Singapore

There are several high-end catamaran yachts and vessels available for hire at Singapore Yacht Charter. Their whole fleet is kept in show-stopping shape and is meticulously maintained. The captains and crew members are all skilled, amiable, and helpful, and the vessels are outfitted with cutting-edge technology. Based on your guest count, necessary activities, and spending limits, they will suggest the perfect boat for you.

Your demands can be met through customised yacht rental Singapore. Be it private events like fishing trips, birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, wedding shoots, family weekend vacations, or business events like product launches, meetings, company retreats, and dinners and dances, they can easily plan and organise.

Yacht Rental Singexperience

Yacht Rental Singexperience

From a 4-hour trip to Singapore’s Southern Islands to a short-term charter, they offer a variety of yacht rental alternatives in Singapore. In addition to offering a variety of luxurious Singapore Yacht rental options, its fleet includes fishing-specific boats. A twilight cruise is a great time to watch the Sentosa fireworks.

In addition, you might choose one of their yachts for a trip to Batam, Bintan Island, or Nikoi Island. For business meetings, product launches, and client gatherings, their luxury ships are ideal. Should you need it, there are several catering options available. They recommend the top boat charter and yacht rental Singapore.


M-Barq - Yacht Rental Singapore

They give you an easy way to charter a yacht rental Singapore because they are the market leader in this area. They have a team of full-time employees who work from their office and are solely focused on yacht chartering, they are able to accomplish this. To make sure you have the ideal yachting experience, no matter the occasion, they collaborate closely.

They are a good choice because they think that what makes yachting so special are the people, the experiences, the fun times, and the unique adventures that await you on every voyage. Being able to provide you with something that will better meet your demands is one of the benefits of having the largest fleet. You can now easily locate the ideal one for every occasion or event, regardless of what it is. Simply extending a hand. You won’t find something finer somewhere else, they’ll even dare to guarantee you.

Yacht Cruise SG

Yacht Cruise SG - Yacht Rental Singapore

They want you to explore their islands with them because there is something new there. Through their boat rental, Singapore may access its picturesque southern islands. On a private yacht rental Singapore, travel to these stunning historical islands from Marina in Keppel Bay. You will be happy and amazed to learn about the history of each island from the amiable onboard guides.

They began their adventure as Fish2Go Pte Ltd, a leader in both supply and online fresh fish since 2014. Since its start, they have done commitment to give their diverse clientele the highest-quality seafood while offering amiable and first-rate services, continuously expanding their audience since 2004.

Ximula Sail

Ximula Sail

The history of Ximula Sail began when TC Wong, an explorer at heart, realised his childhood ambition of sailing across the globe. With the arrival of his sailing catamaran, Ximula, in September 2013, Wong, who had spent nearly his entire life creating his clothing systems business as his family’s lone provider, was finally able to realise his goal. Since then, a large portion of his team, professional partners and clients, family, and friends have travelled on board Ximula across Singapore and even to several Southeast Asian places.

They interact with people, research sailing locales, and create experiences every day at Ximula Sail. They work hard to instil a vibrant sailing culture and way of life in Singapore and elsewhere. So fellow adventurers, come along on their journeys. They predict that you will share their love of sailing and awe at the wonders of nature.

White Sails

White Sails - Yacht Rental Singapore

The stunning catamaran Sunrise is there for optimal sailing comfort. Sunrise, which can accommodate up to 18 people, is perfect for both day and night excursions. Sentosa Cove’s One Degree 15 Marina Club serves as Sunrise’s base of operations. Sunrise is the ideal entryway to an unrivalled luxury lifestyle experience.

It has 3 bedrooms, an “Instagrammable” trampoline-style open-deck space, and their welcoming staff. Visitors will have easier access to Singapore’s offshore island beaches thanks to Sunrise’s ability to anchor closer to the shore.

The Yacht Club

The Yacht Club

Customer satisfaction is their first goal as a crewed yacht rental Singapore business. They will take care of all the specifics if you simply inform them of your needs. Many opulent boats are available for charter in Singapore, and some of them travel to well-liked holiday locations in Malaysia and Indonesia.

You may hold events like wedding solemnizations, marriage proposals, or a romantic cruise around the city skyline with their boat rental services. As they take you on a nautical journey throughout Singapore’s seas, join them for an inexpensive luxury experience.

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Sierra Charters

Sierra Charters

Customized cruising experiences are Sierra Yacht Charter’s area of expertise. a fully-equipped yacht that promises an exceptional and elevated experience at a reasonable price. They provide a fun-filled universe and a novel way to unwind on a day off. On Sierra 1, make fresh memories and take advantage of the free amenities.

Sierra1’s roomy saloon and outdoor spaces are perfect for special occasions, team building activities, or just hanging out. They can meet your needs and requirements because they are furnished with a KTV, a BBQ pit, and complimentary Sea Sports. Sierra is conveniently berthed at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (RSYC).

SG Yacht

SG Yacht

A 60-foot custom-built party cabin cruiser named SGYacht is docked in Keppel Bay, one of Singapore’s most luxurious marinas. Its roomy, open layout enables larger deck areas, boosting socialising spaces and providing breath-taking, all-encompassing vistas.

She also has the most recent Fusion marine audio system, allowing music to be broadcast throughout the boat. Your time onboard SGYacht will be pleasurable and unforgettable. Because to the comprehensive LED lighting that is present throughout the whole vessel.

Eagle Wings Yacht Charter

Eagle Wings Yacht Charter - Yacht Rental Singapore

It was simply too impractical for them to own a luxury boat. Despite their lifelong passion for the ocean and frequent enjoyment of boating and fishing with their family. Family time spent boating together strengthens bonds and fosters relationships.

After failing to persuade others to invest with them in the purchase of a boat. They realised that many people would much prefer to use their boat on yacht rental Singapore. Inspiring them to offer organised charters so that they can share this gorgeous boat with all of you.


Whether you want to dine at Michelin-starred restaurants, hit the clubs or spend every minute on the water. Your charter broker and crew can create a schedule that precisely meets your requirements. You should be as specific as you can with your trip planning.

So that the crew can be sure to reserve the best moorings and accommodations well in advance. Of course, you may alter your plans a little while on the voyage. The crew will work with you to make your wishes a reality at yacht rental Singapore.